The Market Quota System is a proposed comprehensive fisheries management system. It covers allocation, environmental control, and about everything else. The core of the system is the allocation part. This is not the most important part though. Fishermen, whether recreational or commercial, would buy quota under one system, or fishing rights by the pound, either at an auction of quota, or more likely through their sale as value priced, (which is an approximation of the market value of the fishing rights poundage quota,) by the government. The MQS has mechanisms to allow for penalties to the fishing methods that are harmfull environmentally: And it has incentives too for green fishing. The good thing about the MQS is that the public retains title to the fish resources, and the habitat. This is not so with the ITQ allocation program.

The MQS is talked about a lot on the MIT FISHFOLK listserve on fisheries. I'm Steve Scannell the creator of the MQS. The paper is at my web site. thanks -