Value of copyingEdit

Much material relevant to this project has already been written (some by experts) on Wikipedia:. No need to reinvent the wheel. What we copy can, however, then be improved ad infinitum by the local experts.

For more discussion of this, see Talk:Miscellany and articles-in-progress.


Provided the acknowledgment conforms with agreed standards of detail, copying is perfectly fair.

Simple template for acknowledgmentEdit

A standard template has been developed. We can use a short-form one, "enWP" (which means material is from the "en" language version of Wikipedia).

To use the template, just use {{enWP|Page Name}} where Page Name is the title of the Wikipedia article (preferably pasted for guaranteed accuracy).

For example {{enWP|Calgary, Alberta}} will expand to:

This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (view authors). Smallwikipedialogo.png

(Thanks to User:JamesTeterenko for the above)

I copied the "template" part of the above from the version I wrote on cities: and adapted it a bit. Robin Patterson 00:17, 6 Oct 2005 (UTC)

Dealing with categories and linksEdit

Categories should be brought over because they are immediately usable. We may change them later.

Links are immediately usable, one way or another. See Talk:Miscellany and articles-in-progress for the options.

If redirecting one to Wikipedia, the quick and not always ideal way is just to add "wikipedia:" after the opening brackets. That produces something that looks like "wikipedia:setnet", which is informative but is a little jarring in a sentence.

To hide the "wikipedia:" part, add a "pipe", eg "[[wikipedia:setnet|]]""

But that doesn't work if there's already a pipe there. Usually you can leave it alone because the normal display will show only what follows the pipe.