Fishery Management

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Fishery management mechanisms[]

Many different methods have been developed over the years for controlling fisheries, from Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to Individual Transferable Quotas (ITQs). Descriptions and discussions of these are indexed in the Fishery management mechanisms section.

Fishery management by region[]

Different countries have different traditions of fishery management. Indeed, different local areas and fisheries usually have different traditions of fishery management, however, the "most binding" level of fishery regulation is usually the national level. The Fishery Management by Region section leads onto descriptions of fishery management agreements, regulations, policies and practices in different areas of the world.

Fishery management institutions[]

"Institutions" can include both formal and non-formal institutions, ranging from the United Nations International Law of the Sea-mandated institutions down (or up) to local community and traditional village systems. The fishery management institutions section contains information about many of these.


This section includes links to glossaries existing elsewhere on the internet, plus this site's own glossary of fishery management terms to cover any terms that don't appear to be completely covered elsewhere and any that have different meanings needing to be collated.

Miscellany and Articles-in-progress[]

This is a holding place for information on issues that don't fit neatly into the structure defined so far for the site, and to contain ideas for s that may be later developed into articles. Some of these will be derived from summaries of the more useful debates or conclusions emerging from the fishfolk email discussion group. It also contains the Fishfolk Blackboard.

Users may prefer to keep their own "Articles-in-progress" on subpages of their User pages, eg User:Tima/Embryo article 1. Just create a link like that on your User page, save, and click.

Quotations relevant to fisheries[]

If you said it, you're fair game.

Fishery hall of fame[]

Notable personalities in fisheries - people who have made their mark over the years for whatever reason - are remembered in the Fishery hall of fame, including some of the folks on the fishfolk list (particularly bandwidth award nominees). The founder of this site and other sysops are ever-aware of the laws of libel.

Meeting reports[]

This is an area for personal reports on international meetings concerning fishery management.

How to contribute[]

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