March 2006

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News from March 2006

Sublegals Vol 12, No 07, 13 March 2006:


March 2006, New Zealand beneficiary imprisoned for selling fish illegally:
A 53-year old Wairoa beneficiary has been sentenced to 3 months' imprisonment for serious breaches of the Fisheries Act following a Ministry of Fisheries operation in Wairoa. Robert Antoni Daleszak pleaded guilty and was convicted in the Wairoa District Court of an indictable offence for obtaining a benefit by knowingly selling fish otherwise than in accordance with the Fisheries Act. Along with the prison sentence, Daleszak’s $60,000 boat and $15,000 vehicle were forfeited to the Crown.

8 March 2006, Fish and Game New Zealand seeks extension of coastal review to inland waterways
Fish and Game wants the recent decision to review the coastal development rules to be extended to all of New Zealand's inland waterways. Director Bryce Johnson says New Zealand's freshwater bodies are "under pressure from rampant development, degradation by increasing intensive agriculture, demands for electricity generation, and exclusion of the general public through private capture of access rights". He says the freshwater resource, and public access to it, is degraded and remains largely unprotected and "high level protection of this finite and irreplaceable resource is urgently required." See "Scoop" publication of press release.