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January 2006

Sublegals Vol 12, No 04, 27 January 2006:

New Zealand Oceans policy: Information on the development of New Zealand's Oceans Policy is now available on the Ministry for the Environment website - The Oceans Policy is about establishing a better way to integrate the management of our oceans and achieve sustainable development.

Sublegals Vol 12, No 02, 13 January 2006:

  • Independent Science Panel Finds NMFS OCAP BiOp Flawed, Not Based on Best Science. 12:02/01.
  • PLF Tries Again to Remove Salmon Protections Under ESA. 12:02/03.
  • Nyet to Norwegian Farmed Salmon Found Contaminated With Cadmium and Lead. 12:02/06.
  • Kostynuik Leaving “Farmed and Dangerous Campaign,” IFR Offices. 12:02/09.
  • Northern Crab Season Finally Opens at Disappointing Price. 12:02/10.
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2005-12-01- 2006-02-01-